Since 1999 – stable – comprehensive

The reason why more and more clients are shunning large institutions all boils down to the question of trust. Scale is no guarantee of security: to ensure that you feel comfortable and in safe, capable hands at all times, our small team takes personal care of you and your individual concerns. Whether we are handling private or institutional assets, we offer a solid, innovative and crisis-proof approach. Needless to say, trust and continuity are at the forefront of all our efforts.

A cautious investment style
When selecting companies in which to invest, we focus on the value principle. We attach importance to promising fundamental data and outstanding management performance. Equally important is that the sector chosen should have a promising future.

Above-average returns
We continuously watch out for investments trading below their value, regardless of the whims of the stock markets. Our picks are often anticyclical, an approach that has proved to be profitable.

Simple and understandable
When making specific investments, we avoid complex structures and select simple, assessable instruments that are designed to generate the best returns on expected movements in the markets.

Transparency through the independent choice of commitments
Thanks to our independence, we can select the best investments in any economic environment, free of conflicts of interest or unclear payments. Our investment decisions are as transparent as our information and fees.

Individual care
Expertise and a sense of proportion are at the forefront of our advice. We are always available to protect your interests. And you can always count on dealing with the same people.

We have an excellent network at our disposal for obtaining information. But we can also feel the pulse of individual companies first-hand during meetings with management and on-the-spot field research.

Financial stability as the basis for innovation
We look back on years of experience in the management of private and institutional assets. We have already seen a lot for ourselves and are crisis-proof. This solid foundation and our entrepreneurial mindset lead time and again to innovations.