Investment advice

Cautious investment style – above-average returns – easy to understand

Our many years of experience, investment expertise and the results achieved to date combine to create ideal conditions for sustainable investment success, even in difficult times. With solidly based know-how, sound judgement, commitment and common sense, we create financial added value for you.Working closely with you, we develop measures to help you achieve your financial goals. You will receive answers to all your questions regarding investment and can evaluate the development of your assets.

Our products
Formulafirst Ltd.
Formulafirst is an investment company listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange. It invests in owner-managed companies in Central Europe. Our research shows that investments in such companies significantly outperform equity markets, especially during times of upswing after a correction.
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Corporate asset management
Corporate asset management focuses on the value principle. When selecting companies in which to invest, we attach importance to positive, long-term fundamental data and outstanding management performance. Equally important is a sector with a promising future. We look for investments that are temporarily trading below their intrinsic value on the markets.

Special mandates
Thanks to our flexibility, we can also manage equity mandates in line with specific client requirements. They define the parameters within which we can then act.